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With over 30 years experience in the Field of moulding TRIVENI RUBBER, is the market share leader in Natural Gas Regulator Diaphragms, and O-Rings and Pads for the Autogas Industry. With products satisfying requirements of Low temperature upto -40 deg C, to High performance Rubber parts withstanding Explosive Decompression atmospheres upto 200 bar Psig.

Precision moulding is achieved with our latest Imported PLC controlled Vacuum Moulding presses, Automated deflashing in specialised imported machines to 100% visual inspection of all rubber parts leaving the premises. Special Purpose testing machines like Diaphragm leakage testing machines guarantee the Diaphragms free from pin holes or any similar defects. The rubber compounds are banbury mixed inhouse, with every batch undergoing strict QC .w.r.t curing parameters in our lab. Rheological studies assures our customers of the best quality of product being delivered to them.

All basic Rubber raw materials are imported from Japan, France to name a few. Carbon Black and other chemicals are sourced locally from Authorised distributors. Our suppliers are our partners in our success, and periodic Audits and controls on their systems ensure the best quality raw materials being delivered every time. Incoming raw material checks assure the quality of such inputs.

Moulded parts are finished in PLC controlled deflashing machines assuring our customers of set established processes in finishing. These processes are controlled and work exactly as per established quality plans.

Finished parts are then 100% visually inspected for flaws in moulding and the feedback mechanism ensures corrective actions at moulding level.

Apart from the various components and parts a customer can choose from, Triveni Rubber has the capability to develop and supply almost any kind of rubber moulded Component

Right from Solving Industry Problems with existing parts to developing new parts from scratch, Triveni Rubber has its entire design team with its decades of experience at your disposal.

As your vendor / strategic partner you can relay 100% on our manufacturing capabilities and quality. Our production plans are aligned with yours to ensure just in time deliveries.

Outsource with TRIVENI Specialized Custom Molding Today

When you consider the strategic, operational, and financial benefits of outsourcing with us, we hope you decide to partner with TRIVENI Specialised Custom Moulding. Our Outsourcing Services deliver production flexibility, controlled compounding labor costs, reliable raw materials supplies, as well as enhanced Moulding and formulation development, and technical support.

Better yet, outsourcing will reduce your capital expenditures and increase your working capital so you can focus on what you do best.


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